I Think I Made You Up Inside My Head



Doug Walker posted an apology for his post yesterday about Bieber and Orlando Bloom… Happy now?

That wasn’t an apology, that was just Doug making awful excuses for the crappy transbigoted, sexist and misgendering joke that he did. So no, I’m not happy about this at all. This video shows how to actually apologize when getting called out and Doug (and you as well) needs to watch it and take notes on it. We can be upset as we want to be when people make bigoted and hurtful jokes.

You gotta tell me where the actual apology bit of that was, OP, cos I and plenty of other people didn’t see it. Doug apologizes for talking too much in vlogs sometimes, he’s more than capable of saying “I was sexist and I’m sorry” instead of bullshit about being the queen of femmy guys.


loving a character that the majority of the fandom hates


loving a character that the majority of the fandom hates and wants dead


loving a character that the majority of the fandom hates and celebrates their death


I’m noticing a pattern here (suicide tw)



Tena’s last few whiny posts about “YOU HATE BRONIES, YOU ARE EVUL” directed at comfemgem (and others) seem to repeatedly bring up Michael Morones and the other bullied male minor who attempted suicide/were bullied for being Bronies, and uses them as gross emotionally-manipulative tools to win her argument. Her argument is “you’re the kind of person who drives these children to suicide! How dare you! How can you live with yourself?”, thereby turning a minor child’s suicide attempt into something to make her argument look moire “legit” and shame people into silence. 

… but when the minor in question was Pinkiepony, she went out of her way to discredit her, to claim that her suicide attempt was fake, and repeatedly harassed/stalked her. Which, in fact, may have increased the likelihood that Pinkiepony would attempt suicide in the first place.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that in Tena’s eyes, Michael Morones was male and a “good” suicidal minor, and Pinkiepony was a teenage girl and therefore “bad”. Because when Michael attempted suicide, it was a ‘tragedy’ that Tena uses as a tool to shame people who legitimately criticize Bronies; when it was Pinkie, it was “attention whoring” and a “lie” that she continuously brings up to humiliate her, months and months later.

Tenaflyv1per only seems to take suicide attempts seriously when they can be used to benefit her.

I see you Tena, your misogyny is transparent as fuck.

Jesus, if I’d actually bothered to read any of those mini novellas she dedicated to me I’d be disgusted.


women have been raped and killed thanks specifically to 50 shades of grey. fuck that piece of shit book and don’t let ANYONE you know read it

Way to go, NC. Won’t be watching your videos any time soon.


You could admit how your joke could EASILY come off as sexist and apologized for your poor wording. But no. You decide to be an asshole. Way to go.

You may want to watch this:  http://youtu.be/C8xJXKYL8pU

What did Doug Walker do problematic/or what's the incident?


He posted this:


Long story short, he made a gross sexist (possiblely transphobic, I don’t know) (not to mention old as balls and definitely unfunny) comment about the situation between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber. 



kitten wiggles ears while eating

i don’t even care if i reblog this twice a day every single day for the rest of my life



kitten wiggles ears while eating

i don’t even care if i reblog this twice a day every single day for the rest of my life

A Missed Opportunity


So I read the ask sent earlier about somebody not liking the Pinky and the Brain joke and finding it uncomfortable. While I don’t know if I agree about the uncomfortable aspect, the question did get me to thinking. And I wonder if Doug actually missed a fantastic opportunity to make the joke a lot funnier than it was.

See, it shouldn’t be Brain that finally loses it and goes into a diatribe of swearing. It should be Pinky.

Think about it: Pinky doesn’t want to take over the world. Hell, Pinky probably doesn’t even want to leave his comfy lab. It’s Brain who constantly forces him to go along with his hare-brained schemes, often going through Hell and at times risking life and limb all to help with Brain’s utterly insane plans of world domination. Pinky’s not a conqueror; he just wants to be nice to people and enjoy life! But he goes along with it anyway out of simple blind devotion to his crazy friend, who constantly subjects him to verbal and physical abuse and for the most part couldn’t give a damn what he wants.

We’ve all heard Brain’s point of view, is the thing. He has gone into long diatribes about what an idiotic boob Pinky is and how this or that plan could have worked if it weren’t for him and etc. The speech here doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done in the show itself, other than tack on some swearing. Which…okay yeah, hearing Brain swear is sorta funny in a surreal sense, I guess. But what about that have fans been so desperate to see for years? We’ve practically already heard it! Pinky finally getting to say his piece…now THAT’S something I bet some fans would find satisfying.

It’s a pretty common theory…I think Cracked started it…that Brain was actually the insane one and Pinky was the one with all the smarts. And here Mr. Walker had a fantastic opportunity to actually bring that idea into fruition, to change up the formula instead of just re-hash it for Adult Swim, to really take advantage of the voice actors’ participation and make something absolutely brilliantly clever. No offense Doug, but as a comedian, you sorta dropped the ball on this one. In my opinion.





Still Not a Joke — Good Awareness Campaign From Just Detention International

What if your kid went to jail for trying pot, something that is very probable if your kid is black and living in a state like Texas. Does that mean they deserve to be raped? Does that mean that they should live in conditions that go against all human rights?

Most prison rapes are committed by prison staff. Even if you are heartless and do not care about the prisoners, remember that these prison staff rapists go home to their nice houses in the outside world. Remember that they are your neighbors, maybe they even have babysat your children. Remember that as long as some victims are dehumanized and ignored, many perpetrators will never be caught. And yes, these perpetrators do pose a threat to you and your family. Prison rape, rape in generalis everybody’s problem. And definitely not a fucking joke. 

The idea that prisoners “deserve” to be raped is part of rape culture.
Rape is not a punishment. It can not be earned. It is a crime every single time, no matter what, no matter who the victim is.

No one deserves to be sexually assaulted in any way. NO ONE.

White feminists:


When you discuss the wage gap, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Only white women make $0.77 to a man’s dollar.
  • Black women make about $0.68 to a man’s dollar.
  • Latina women make about $0.58 to a man’s dollar.

Intersectionality matters.